Tips for Encouraging Parent Involvement

j03995041.jpgThe evidence is is pretty clear that parent involvement equals student achievement. When parents are more involved in school lots of good outcomes like better discipline, higher attendance rates and achievement can begin to happen. also setting up a volunteer program at you school can be easier than you may think.

Here are a few tips to help you make a difference in this important aspect of parent involvement in schools.

Provide training for volunteers.

  • Make sure that volunteers understand their responsibilities and role at the school. make sure that they understand the school’s discipline code

Help your valued volunteers feel special

  • Provide them a ‘volunteer of the month” parking space. Carve out a space somewhere near the school entrance. Make a special sign just for them

Recruit parents and community members by “special invitation”

  • Send them a letter and/or phone call from the principal. Parents will more readily respond positively if they know that they have been personally considered to serve the school in some capacity.

Honor you volunteers with a special breakfast or luncheon event

  • Ask you PTO or PTA for financial support. Provide certificates to all volunteers. Read tributes from the students to their volunteer tutor.

If you desire to build a truly vibrant volunteer program these tips will start you on your way.


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