What Does Disney Have to Do With Parent Engagement?

According to the Disney Institute, “Guestology is the science of knowing and understanding customers”.  They accomplish this knowing by studying their guests (families), by studying the demographics of their families.   They look at who is not coming to the Theme park (school) and why.  They thus develop a profile of their customers and potential customers. This kind of look at demographic characteristics can help the school devise changes to the school to meet the needs of parents who are making other school choices.

Getting opinions and authentic input from parents and community members in a variety of socioeconomic neighborhoods  is critical to improving relationships with these groups. Multiple inputs from community, staff and students helps ensure that we all are pulling in the same direction.

Family Focused Schools

We need to treat our families in schools as customers. This is who we, as teachers, serve. Not just the student. Without concern and commitment to their needs, as a family, we ultimately fail to educate the child. For teachers this is not always well received.